We will be providing more materials and outreach in the coming months.

Inner Vision Journey provides much more than just encouragement to be on the Path and to stay on the Path. The Journey Guidebook provides a step-by-step process outlining a practice that can be started immediately. The simple, easy to follow directions provide all levels of meditators tools to move forward in a practice.

Along your Inner Vision Journey Guidebook, we will be providing in the near future:

Meditations to download, Webinars, Additional E-Books, Classes and Presentations including these and other topics (coming soon):

  • Conscious Transitionhttp://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-sunlight-rays-image25430370
  • Conscious Creation
  • Meditation
  • Reincarnation and Karma
  • The Science of the Seven Rays
  • Changing Perspectives
The tools available through Inner Vision Journey will catapult the serious explorer into an expanded realm of self-discovery like none other.

In the complete Vision Program, you will receive:

  • Your Inner Vision Journey Guidebook
  • A special Step-by-step process to keep you moving forward
  • Consultation and guidance for your specific needs
  • Visualizations, Affirmations, Prayers and Meditation to enhance your life
  • E-Books and Meditations for deepening insight
  • Audio and Video downloads to listen to on a daily or weekly basis
  • A System to Practice Concentration, Contemplation leading to Meditation
  • Continual encouragement and tools to move forward in your practice
  • Access to:
    • Educational and Spiritual Retreats
    • A Community of Seekers with Similar Goals.
    • On-line Group Guided Meditations
    • Special Seminars
    • Personal Regression Sessions
    • Special Tools for Ceremonial and Professional Use