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 As we move into Unity Consciousness, we think less of our individual selves and focus more on our united heart / minds. 

We work in service to others because that becomes the only work there is. (!)

On our eternal Path, we have a growing recognition of Solar, Galactic and the OmniVerse in which we live.

This Cosmic awareness allows us to work with Beings who are Inter-dimensional, Intra-dimensional, Ultra-dimensional, stretching ourselves to realize our Multi-dimensionality.

In this process of growing awareness, we are guided through various types of mind and heart expanding experiences gaining greater insights as we sit in emptiness and openness. We receive concepts and ideas we previously may have never considered.

Meditation is for everyone no matter what your spiritual practice. Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Agnostics, or seekers searching for a path can benefit from this work.

As we notice our own shifting awareness and tune into our ever expanding sensitivities, we may begin to notice a growing awareness of ourselves and the world around us. Or perhaps we begin to see movement out of the corner of our eyes or perceive colors around plants, animals or people.

We connect with the world in expanded ways, often Knowing, Becoming and finally Being one with All.

 Hearing tones associated with colors, recognizing we ARE the Akasha with past, present and future life information available to us opens up worlds of possibilities.

The material presented on this site allows the reader to jump-start a practice of inner reflection that can last a lifetime for:

  • Deep Insights and Expanded Awareness
  • Greater Peace of Mind
  • Enhanced Creativity
  • Stress Reduction
  • Better Memory
  • Healthier Body
  • Recognition of our Inherent Unity
  • Knowing the Self as Soul
There was a time when those seeking to gain insights and access deeper levels of understanding needed to take a prolonged journey to physically remove themselves and escape from daily realities.  No longer…

Meditation Guide for all levels of practitioners

Distilled from proven techniques of Meditation, Healing and Conscious Creation, the information contained in this portal expands on the training offered in The Inner Vision Journey Guidebook.

As stated above, this material provides a life-changing opportunity for people at any stage of personal development or spiritual quest.

The comprehensive 30 video course Meditation – An Inner Vision Journey offered through Udemy.com, can be accessed below. Udemy, the world’s leading on-line marketplace for learning, reaches an audience of over 9 million potential students.

The Inner Vision Journey Guidebook is designed to guide you through a series of exercises and practices that can help you establish a solid meditation practice resulting in unimagined fulfillment and joy.

The answers we seek are often veiled because of how the lower mind loves to interfere with guidance from the higher mind. Guided to the surface, your inner wisdom can be unlocked to reveal the cause of pain and life’s eternal challenges. Inner Vision Journey provides a framework to establish and enhance your meditation practice.

Here’s what others are saying about their Inner Vision Journey:

I’m appreChakra Med glowciating much deeper experiential insight since I began with this work. I came to an understanding that my most challenging relationships, which have been so hard to let go of, are here for a reason. I now have more acceptance for all things; more gratitude and love for others.  Overall, I’m experiencing a deeper peace and trust as I continue on my path.”  JD

I urge you to join Cherie on a healing journey of a lifetime. Working on inner realms of consciousness and having success quieting the mind, have proven to me the power of inner guidance”MT

From doing the exercises in the each of the seven steps, a calming acceptance emerges of both myself and the world around me. A connection has been made with a part of me that until now I was unable to access. No stranger to the concept of inner dialogues, engaging with this work has taken me quantum steps towards new levels of clarity in my search for answers. HRI

The Answers You Seek Are WithinE-book cover IVJ CB tumb

Do you prefer E-Books? A 64 page  Inner Vision Journey Meditation Guidebook is also available to download in E-Book format  as a PDF through our Journey Store. For a limited time, the E-Book, Inner Vision Journey Meditation Guidebook is available through our Journey Store.   

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Download free meditations or the entire 30 video series of the  Inner Vision Journey Guidebook: Your Path to Heightened Awareness & Insight   by Cherie Peterson   https://www.udemy.com/meditation-an-inner-vision-journey/?

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