Cherie Peterson, BA, MSE, CMT
Author/Co-Producer of of numerous books, teachings and Guided Meditation programs, Cherie has lead countless seminars, workshops and taught classes in Meditation, Conscious Transition, Conscious Creation, Being Soul, Reincarnation, The Kingdoms & Karma, The Seven Rays and Natural Healing, including diet, herbs, oils and holistic practices. 

After a traditional education with a BA degree from the University of Wisconsin, and a Masters in the Science of Esotericism, her life has been guided by a series of spiritual passages leading to a quickening of abilities and a layering of understandings.

As a holistic healthcare practitioner for the past 35 years, and an avid researcher, Cherie Peterson’s background includes owning and managing four Holistic Health Centers. Working together with a team of acupuncturists, herbalists, massage therapists, astrologers, spiritual counselors, physical therapists, structural integrationists, naturopathic doctors, homeopathic practitioners, master essential oils practitioners, energy workers, and much more, she has extensive understanding of natural healing modalities.

Living and Being outside mainstream traditional thought affords a perspective that merges the inner life with the external life. Trained in the Dolores Cannon method of Quantum Hypnosis Healing Therapy, Cherie has traveled through past, present and future lives with clients who meet their Higher Selves, talk with Councils of Elders, and learn about other-planetary life throughout the mutli-verses. This timeless/spaceless work enables whole new perspectives to emerge, greatly expanding what was once thought to be reality!

Living in India and Kuwait and traveling around the world from Egypt to Peru and Central American countries, Cherie learned to include the values of diverse cultures to integrate into an eclectic philosophy of life. The materials offered through Inner Vision Journey is a synthesis of her inclusive world view.


For Cherie, Meditation remains the tool, the vehicle, the way of knowing.  Her message is that we can continue to go outside ourselves to find answers and our sense of purpose, peace and comfort, but only in going inside and listening to a more purified, refined frequency, will we know why we are here and how to proceed in the work we are meant to do.

Ron Isaacson aka Harper of

Recognized internationally as a wordsmith, speaker of wisdom, artist, musician, author, consultant and sage, Harper is a soul, who as a catalyst for change has inspired thousands.


Inner Vision Journey 11247975_10206583165005165_8888940958394793134_n is pleased to share his musings to spark thoughts, offer reflection and move you to find the answers you seek. In the realm of conscious creation, in the evolution of soul andpersonal development, Harper brings to fellow travelers on the path, insights and observations on life, on love, on spiritual awakening and achieving oneness and clarity.



As humanity steps into this dynamic new world of possibilities, there is a yearning to know more about developing intuition to gain insight and knowledge. Inner Vision Journey assists those truly wishing to transform their life and define their destiny.

The Inner Vision Journey Meditation Guidebook will introduce you to new levels and insights of who you are and what you are here to achieve. You will unearth your inner power, enrich your daily life and be encouraged to continue your journey of self-discovery through a well-established practice.

Let Inner Vision Journey be your guide. 


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