As your sensitivity to people, situations and public places increases you may find yourself in a place that you cannot be in for long. You may experience light headedness, nausea or even begin to faint. When you begin to experience these symptoms, it’s usually difficult to ignore them!

This is when you begin to use the training you are receiving. SInce you may or may not be able to make a quick and quiet exit, remember to just stop. Sit down if you can. Roll out your survival tools, including covering your entire body with golden threads woven into a powerful tapestry of lighted substance that completely surrounds your body. Begin to breathe slowly and rhythmically to steady yourself. See roots of light go deep into the Earth, even if you are inside.

This kind of visualization is something that can be practiced at anytime and realistically needs to be done before going into a public place with a lot of people to prepare for the onslaught of energies all around.  It is quite essential as you be become more and more sensitive to your surroundings. You use your ‘minds eye’ or ‘act as if’  you are the most powerful force alive on the planet. You must believe in your capacity to do this work and believe in the power of the results.

Talk to any sensitive Healing Arts Practitioner who works with their clients’ energy systems or puts their hands directly on another person. Most likely they have had to learn and practice this exercise again and again to keep themselves protected, while still open and available to move energy through a client or loved one.

There are some people who have a very solid, strong etheric body who just are not affected by other people’s energy. They have a kind of natural defense against taking on anything from others. This is often due to their Ray Structure, specifically, the ray of their body. But most healers do feel their client in one way or another, even if they are well trained to never take on energy of others. It is an on-going quest for most people in this profession and many prayers, affirmations, visualizations and meditations are done before, during and after doing their healing work.

Since many practitioners bring through an unconditional Love to do their work, they may or may not be shielded from any unwanted ‘quests’ from their clients. There are a variety of ceremonies practiced to remain protected throughout a treatment and this can be covered in an individual training session.

> If you are the one who is feeling the ill effects of chaotic energy and you begin to experience the symptoms mentioned above, including headaches, pain anywhere in the body, even emotional or mental trauma, stop and get yourself aligned. It is not advisable to sacrifice your own well-being for another. Most likely there is a mis-alignment, some mis-guided energies or you are working with guides who are not skilled in protecting you.

Some people who experience a lot of pain when healing others just have to stop doing healing work. Others work through it and are not concerned about themselves. But you will not be able to continue your work for long if you are taking in the problems of your clients.

> If none of the shields work for you, consider working individually with a member of our community of Healing Arts professionals for deeper, integrative work. This is a process and we are always asked to listen to our bodies, our emotional fields and our mental vehicles and not allow them to be too traumatized. We need all the sensitive, intuitive people in the world we can get, so please heed these warnings! The desired outcome is to emerge from a public building or a healing session feeling BETTER than when you went into it.

The meditations offered in the Inner Vision Journey Guidebook are some of the best ways to practice alignment, mindfulness, full awareness and protection. Working in the Light of the Higher Self will not only bring expanded awareness, but will enhance the ability to remain protected and effective.