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FREE DOWNLOAD – Mindful Meditation for Greater Awareness    http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-image-yoga-pose-represents-peaceful-posture-spiritual-meaning-meditation-calm-zen-image43481501

This Meditation is designed to assist in the process of being more aware of the self and the world around you. It is a Mindfulness Practice to build Awareness and Insight. Use this for enhanced mental clarity and reprogramming to experience inner vision.


Central Channel Meditation – Moving the Energy up and down the Central Channel through the energy system enhances good health and quiets the mind.


Creating our world with thoughts, words and actions.

This Meditation encourages the participant to tap the infinite resources of the Higher Self. This is an excellent practice in visualizing energy moving through the Central Channel of the body.

Expand the consciousness by focusing on the Energy Centers to move the vital chi through the system.

Meditations Available on this site:

  1. Preparing for Meditation 9 minutes, 29 sec

     Consciously Creating an Energy Flow through the Body – More of a Talk than a Meditation – No quiet space for Meditation in This 9 minute Presentation

We are the Creators of our Universe / Stilling the Mind in order to bring through something greater than the little self, something new / Consciously Creating new possibilities \ Tapping infinite resources / Foundation for containing all we can be / Releasing the mind / Being Aware / For Greater Vitality and Better Health / Central Channel within us / Soul as Mediator / All is Light / As Soul, we are Conscious Creators / Apprentices to White Magic

2.  Awareness Meditation 22 minutes 26 secs   after conversion into Word Press, it is 7 minutes and 23 seconds….

     Opening, Emptying and Receiving / Finding Silence / Moving Energy through and all around the body / Being in Touch with our Higher Self / Practice Experiencing Pure Presence /

3. Contemplation leading to Meditation 

Dissipating Blocks / Expanding into Fullest Potential / Simply Be / Being more Awake and Aware / Raising Vibration of ourselves and the Kingdoms / Service to the Planet /

4. Moving Energy Through the Chakras Meditation 23 min 10 secs

Releasing thoughts and feelings / Becoming Heart Energy / Receiving Expanded Energies / Moving Energy Through the Body / Emptying the Mind / Energy Flow / Colors / Connecting to The Mother Earth / Running Light Through the Central Channel

5.  Cultivating Qualities  11 minutes 8 secs

Clear Mind/ Relaxed Posture / Focus – Concentrate on Chosen Qualities / Being that Chosen Quality / Contemplate Results of Radiating Quality / Bringing Positive Vibration to You / Empowering / Quieting the Mind / Centering on the Heart / Releasing Tension / Stilling the Mind / Moving out of Space/Time / Meditate on Insights / Changing Everything / The Power of 12 Seconds of Silence / Using the Breath / Taking the Gift our of Chosen Quality and Give it to the World