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In many of the books listed in the “Recommended Reading” section, we are told about Gatekeepers who arrived on our planet since physical life formed in gaseous matter. Dolores Cannon in “The Three Waves” shares client regression sessions from 30 years of her work. In altered states of consciousness, her clients consistently speak of how they volunteered or were chosen to come to our planet to help elevate the vibrational frequency here.

eye on the worldIn “The Law of One” Book I, of The Ra Material, referenced frequently in David Wilcock’s Wisdom Teachings Series on GaiamTV.com, we are told that over 65 million beings have come to this planet in service to it and to our humanity. The people in regression retell very similar stories of their lives on Planet Earth and how they came from various star systems to help.

“The Convoluted Universe” (Dolores Cannon Book Two), gives an account by Ingrid (names are changed to protect identities), in regression how she was forced to come to the Earth 38,000 years ago to help rebuild earth after one of the major destructions of the Atlantean civilization. She said she came from highly developed Sirius to teach the survivors, who lived in the land we now call Egypt, how to love and live in harmony.

The council of elders on Sirius oversee much of the cosmos, she recounts and it is their responsibility to create many of the species and planets of the Cosmos. Dolores confirmed that the same information had been told to her in regression sessions that she had transcribed in two other books, “Keepers of the Garden” and “The Custodians” both of which taught more new concepts than all the classes one might take in college!

Ingrid said they were “Gatekeepers of this planet and many other ones.” She explained how even though the beings from Sirius came to teach love and harmony, the humans here had gone astray. They had been given free will and once the species was ready to live on their own, they left.

She said that they had to take on bodies similar to those of humans on Earth, which she described as “very low; very base.” Ingrid and the others from Sirius can be described as Pure beings of Light. They live IN Serius. Sirius she described as brilliantly bright an their frequencies and energies are in alignment with that system.

She and her companions are in constant contact with the “Lords of the World.” The council there are part of the “Central Sun.” Ingrid’s body was in form for 600 years at that time in Atlantis after one of the deluges.

Isis was the goddess she said she was known as to the people, but at that time the name was actually Ezi (now called Isis). They taught about healing herbs, ecology and that everything was part of the One. They used ‘light energy’ to move massage stones to build various structures. She called the pyramids temples of healing not of burials.

All this said, these ‘Gatekeepers” have visited and assisted us on Earth for virtually millions of years. It is the old guard here on our planet who want the story to go as they have told it. They cling to the old stories and cannot begin to imagine that our history could be different than what was taught to them as children.

The old conservative guard is scared of change. They do not want to think that all they have learned is just not true. They are willing to hide evidence (of things like the giants whose skulls were destroyed by The Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC in order to keep the old myth of life on our planet alive). The Smithsonian is now being sued for that crime.

The old guard is being exposed and our job is to help them let go of their fanatical clinging to what they believe is true. As we each let go and are able to say “We don’t know” instead of thinking we have to always know and be ‘right,’ we will begin to shift the tide of humanity. Sending the frightened masses Love and seeing them healed from the trauma they have experienced in their lives, we will heal ourselves and our planet.

GatekeepersCosmic meditator through the ages have worked diligently with us to help us back on track to know Oneness and to reject divisiveness. Here we are again, replaying these old themes in our businesses, families and nations. Hopefully in this New Era of increasingly refined frequencies, we will move into the Oneness and out of the Splits that are so evident everywhere. It begins in our hearts. We are now the Gatekeepers.

We are the ones who must let in the Light and the Love and use the Power for the Highest Good of All.

America may have been built on individualism, but we can live in the paradox of being individuals while working for the good of the whole. We must. Start today in meditation affirming this purpose. It is the Plan of the Earth and it will prevail!



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