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An INNER VISION JOURNEY   with Cherie Peterson

Accept Refuse“Your Journey connects you with a part of yourself that has answers and that directs your lives in a conscious way. The key is connecting to the Higher Mind and move beyond things that we already know. To increase our frequency to attain that aspect of the Self, sometimes referred to as Soul, Spirit, Superconscious.

It is important to work with a guide who can takes you into an altered state of mind and to ask to speak to the superconsciousness or Higher Mind. From there one can ask the questions we most want answered.

This work is referred to as an Inner Vision Journey. It accesses the part of the Self that has the answers. Often in this altered state, the Higher Self comes through to say it has been telling the person over and over something, but the little self just doesn’t seem to want to hear, or can’t quite get the messages.

Here, even those practiced in the art of meditation and healing find new levels and understanding into what motivates and guides their actions.

Truth next exitThe answers we seek are often veiled with the interference of the mind. Guided to the surface, your inner wisdom can be reveled and unlocked to reveal the cause of dissatisfaction, grief, illness and plain old blocks to accomplishing what we envision.”


  • Do You Feel Stuck?
  • Restricted?
  • Confused?
  • Do you desire deeper answers? 
  • Do you truly wish to truly transform your life and define your destiny?
You owe it to yourself to leave no page unturned.

For more information. Call me at 720.353.3097 or email: CherieExpression@gmail.com

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