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Lifting Earth Humanity and the Planet to 5th Density Consciousness

This is a Summary of “Connecting with the Arcturians, Planetary Transformation from a Galactic Perspective” channeled through David K Miller.

There are billions of galaxies in our local Universe and our neighbors, including the Andromeda Galaxy, form a Galactic Council that determines what can be done to assist in the evolution of the 5,000 Earth-like planets in the Milky Way Galaxy and the 10,000 to12,000 planets in the Andromeda Galaxy.

All civilizations exist in different times, not simultaneously as some on Earth imagine. Overcoming the space-time continuum and traveling inter-galactically is a sign of more advanced, or Stage 2 Development. Moving through Dimensions using corridors and time traveling is available to people of 5th Density on various star systems.

In this higher density, diseases have been overcome since they are related to electromagnetic energy, vibraional energy, auras, and pathogens that a more evoled planetary populations have mostly overcome.

Great sages and spiritual prophets such as Jesus, Moses, Buddha and Muhammad communicated with higher-dimensional beings and visited many other planets.

Galactic spirutality believes we can all travel to higher dimensions because we are multidimensional. Exercises are given in this book to practice doing just that.

The Andromedans, Pleiadians, Archtruians, Sirians and others come together to protect planet Earth and to help guide us towards being more accepting of others different from us. They believe that Earth’s technology is more advanced than our spiritual wisdom and the goal is to raise the vibration and light quotient of our planet.

Ways of making this possible include Alchemical dimensional transmutation to advance to the fifth dimension. Energy from the higher realms is necessary to heal our Earth.

Many other inhabited planets have fewer people, fewer languages, and fewer religions. Bringing these together will help in a greater acceptance and understanding of all beings.


There are laws throughout the Universe that apply to all the Cosmos. While third density is characterized by duality and polarization, the Earth is one spirit, known as Gaia. In Unity Consciousness, what affects one part of the planet, affects the whole.   

When one comes to the realization that that we live in a holographic universe, a greater understanding of Cosmic or Unity Consciousness can be had.

There was originally a more pure gentic code guiding humans on planet Earth. This has been tampered with, and conflicting energies have been implanted into the genetic codes of the planet resulting in duality and contradictions.

Earth may be ready to graduate to the next stage of evolution, however, we are in a place where technology and science have replaced spirituality. So many people in positions of power suffer from greed and forget that our mission here on this planet and in this galaxy is to work for the greatest good of all, not just for selfish personal gain.

We know that there are kind and loving people everywhere on the planet and we see the conflicts everywhere because of the divisiveess and fear instilled in our society. Our planet Earth is not alone in this ego-centric move towards selfish motives and the creation of all-powerful heads of state. Our planet is at a cross-roads, however where we make the choice to be more conscious more of the time, or be removed to distant planets that are darker and less evolved.

We can open to the assistance being offered by the advanced beings of 5th Density to help us become unconditionally loving, telepathic, empathetic and compassionate. Instructions on just how to do this will come in future articles. Stay tuned!

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