Why Meditate ?

The benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation have received increased interest and attention by the media. Across the world people like you, reaching out for answers, are discovering what the ancients have long known about the powerful benefits of meditation.

Humanity awakens more every day, as new awareness explodes in all segments of society. It cannot be ignored. More and more people are experiencing shifts in consciousness and are asking questions while seeking greater understanding of what is happening to them.

We have come to understand that subtle shifts in the mind and feelings can produce profound results such as:

  • Enhancing perception
  • Becoming more aware and awake
  • Experiencing an Inner Knowing


In the West, there is a rush to fix oneself, others and everything in sight. There exists a culture of never-ending, constant improvement. When things don’t change at the pace expected, judgment and criticism can result. There is a sense of remorse, guilt, even worse, failure.

meditator in circle squareThere are new energies available right now bringing help to the process of creating a life that is more insightful and intuitive. It is not the time to give up when we perceive failure, but a time to proceed with a slight shift in method and an even greater desire or aspiration to succeed in our creative process.

We each have emotions, certain patterns, rituals and routines that create a closed circuit. We can become obsessive or compulsive about how things need to be, because we have been closed. NOW, however, is the time to blow open all past misunderstandings, all misdirected actions and stay the course.

Meditation training teaches us how to open, soften and release over and over again, effortlessly.

Meditation techniques offered by Inner Vision Journey are simple yet powerful. Once mastered any number of things are possible.

Inner Vision Journey offers you a series of FREE Guided Mediations, insightful and meaningful tools, trainings and meditation exercises can be found throughout this site and are offered to participants who sign up for free downloadable Guided Meditations that will aid you on your journey. E-Books, Crystal Journey Singing Bowls and other special tools can also be purchased from our Journey Store.

E-book  cover IVJ CB  tumbFor those who have set foot on the path to greater awareness and looking to learn, enhance or expand your abilities to meditate, we invite you to participate fully by obtaining your personal copy of the Inner Vision Journey Guidebook.