Inner Vision Journey invites you to explorcrystal-bowl set being played copy 2e what happens to body/mind/spirit when meditating or doing Guidebook exercises to the sound of Crystal Journey Singing Bowls. We have much to learn about our energetic systems. Through concentration, into contemplation and eventually through meditation the answers come. Using sound vibration to enhance the experience is now more possible than ever!

Practitioners using healing sound believe that as the bowls sing there is an opening of the energy centers and at a certain point in the work, a crossing of laser-like light happens at the various chakras. 

For example, often when using Crystal Journey Singing Bowl attuned to the key of “A” the Ajna Center, the Energy Center  between the brow  clears. Tingling in that area of the body or other areas may be felt, releasing old, stagnant patterns.

Some feel this forms a triangle of light with a pronounced laser-like light moving through the forehead, back through the head and forming a cross of Light that allows for expanded awareness.

As you proceed on your Journey to expanded consciousness through guided meditations, exercises and visualizations, sacred crystal sounds enhance your experience exponentially. As we move into the higher vibrational frequencies, our entire system harmonizes and balances, allowing dimensional shifts to occur. We are able to break through old habits and patterns and be more Present with the Greater Whole.

Inner Vision Journey is excited to be working with one of the original creators of fine-tuned, high quality Crystal Singing Bowls. Here you can acquire a special object to assist you on your path. Choose from a selection of Crystal Singing Bowls, Clear & Frosted Ohm Bowls, Colored Chakra Tuned Vision Bowls, Alchemy Gem Bowls, Crystal Triangles as well as other meditative, vibrational healing tools and materials.

Chakra Color Bowls

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