As we strive to transform our desires into the realities of being, our paths are primed to move us along on our journey to new levels of consciousness. Energies aligned with this cycle carry great opportunities for growth and healing. As we look out, surveying what is needed, we honor and recommit to our purpose, to the Self of Soul and to do service. Looking forward integrates strongly with the need for looking within.

Your path has brought you into a community which allows for and supports healing and restoration of self and others.

On all levels of development and understanding, members of this community have come to recognize that to successfully navigate the journey, we must call upon inner strengths and innate wisdoms to take us forward. Like any great endeavor, tools, training and guidance exist to help us reach our destination. One tool exists above all else that can give the power to achieve goals, heighten the experience and add deeper meaning to life. That tool is activated through the power of Meditation.

Cherie Peterson, Director of the World Meditation Institute tells us:

  •  “Meditation can help you achieve success that supports and integrates with the needs of your physical, mental and emotional being.”
  • “Guided mediations can help unleash your potential, unlocking positive energies that can change your future.”
  • “Mediations engage the spiritual, contemplative, restorative and healing energies necessary to move beyond just surviving to thriving. It is within your power to change your life and this will help.”                                                                      

* Contact Cherie at 720.353.3097 for free information regarding Guided  Meditation or to bring the power of Guided Meditation to your workplace or community.

Contact:  CherieExpression@gmail.com