Much of what wprofile rainbow cloud rt.e have learned in the past century has dissolved as we move into the new world of expansive being. Our linear minds have taken what has been taught through the ages and created a comfortable little place for living. That now is being tested, questioned, blown up and rebuilt. Old paradigms no longer work.


As the wheel of life rotates into new phases of understanding, old ways must move aside and grow into greater possibilities.

To build a new foundation for existence takes courage and dedication. Discipline, discernment, discrimination and creative thinking become the basis for changing for the better. First, there must exist a reason to think outside the box. Then there must be the ability to imagine how things could be improved. Ideas come from us, the thinker, the doer. As we awaken to new possibilities, we begin to realize greater joy, deeper compassion and a higher Love.

These three components of life are the higher turn of the spiral of each and every religious ideology, yet when filtered through individual minds, hearts and personal desires, they become defiled. Wars continue to be fought over religious ideas of what is right and wrong. In the end, there are three things that every human being seeks to achieve. . . Joy, Compassion and Love. It’s that simple.

What our society has seen as ‘happiness’ is no more than feeding the desire body, called the ‘pain body’ by Eckhart Tolle, leading to increasingly greater desire and unhappiness. True Joy comes from another place altogether. Joy comes from the heart opening. When the heart opens, not only Joy, but Compassion and Love can grow.

How do we grow into living as our Essential Core Beingness? Certainly Meditation is one of the most powerful tools we can use. Why? Meditation creates a space of Wholeness and Unity.

In this Still Point beyond time and space all creation happens. As the desire body rests and the mind is quiet, a place of vast possibilities exists. That place is the ultimate meditative state. It is called Samadhi in Sanskrit.

What are the benefits? 
Whatever you need and want for your well-being.

Better Sleep, Contentedness, Peace, Greater Energy, Better Relationships, Financial Stability, Good Health, More Happiness, Purposefulness and so much more.

  • Greatermeditator circle square tumb Connection to the Divine
  • Expanded Creativity
  • Clarity of Thought
  • A Sense of Oneness
  • Understanding of God
  • Understanding of the Self


At some juncture of life, new perspectives bring expanded values. As the gaze is turned inward, it may at first look and feel like greater emphasis is placed on the self also called the personality. There is much criticism for this kind of inward reflection by those who do not understand the concept. The work to be done is to spend the time in silent concentration on emptying the mind of all the old concepts in order for the mind to be filled with new perspectives. These new perspectives eventually turn out to be not at all about the individual self, but about being of service to others. That ultimately is the goal of our lives.

In the process of being of service to others, real Joy, Love and Compassion bloom. Our garden of consciousness grows exponentially as we take our focus off our self and onto the ‘other.’ The outcome is that everyone benefits! By thinking of others before ourselves, we each benefit. Our hearts open more, great Joy is lived, a new meaning of Love emerges and Compassion is but a byproduct.

This and more is what the meditative process brings. While we may be drawn to this practice for personal reasons, we stay on the path to be of service to others and to our Planet. When the call comes, it cannot be ignored.

The Inner Vision Journey prepares us for that call.

Can you hear it?


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