Meditation and Transformation

dreamstime_s_49207123Each of us strives to transform our desires into realities. Our chosen paths move us along our journey to new levels of consciousness. We look at the year ahead, honoring and recommitting to purpose, self and service. In the process we also understand the need for looking within. A process facilitated by Meditation.

You are part of a community that allows for and supports healing and restoration of self and others. A community that recognizes that we must call upon inner strengths and innate wisdoms to take us forward. It is a task, a challenge some choose to undertake in solo flight.

Like with any great endeavor, tools, training and guidance exist to help us reach our destination. One tool exists above all else that can give the power to achieve goals, heighten the experience our Planet and add deeper meaning to our lives. That tool is activated through the power of guided group Meditation.

This is a special time on  a time when Guided Mediations engage the spiritual, contemplative, restorative and healing energies necessary to move beyond just surviving to thriving. It is within your power to change your life and this will help.

office workers meditatingThe Inner Vision Journey Meditation Guidebook can help you achieve success that supports and integrates with the needs of your physical, mental and emotional being. Participants in this program include wellness professionals, parents, teachers, government workers and business owners.

Unleash your potential and unlock the positive energies that the group field provides.
Are you ready to embark on an Inner Vision Journey that can change your life?

This lifelong training program was initially designed as a intensive training seminar series priced at $500. with content distilled from over 33 yrs. of intensive research into the Ancient Wisdoms and the practice of Mediation. As our program reached out to others, people just setting foot on the path and established practitioners across the Internet, we have now created a way to introduce this life changing training through the Inner Vision Journey Meditation Guidebook to help more people discover the answers they seek. This easy to follow E-Book in PDF format is now available through our Journey Store at the low price of $18.99

It’s time to take the next step on your path and unlock the answers you seek! 

E-book  cover IVJ CB  tumbNow for a limited time, as a special offer to participants, the Inner Vision Journey Meditation Guidebook can be purchased as an easy to follow E-Book in PDF format through our Journey Store for 9.95 .   Follow the link below for your copy.