Looking for A Proven Path to Heightened Awareness & Insight?

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The answers we seek are often veiled because of how the lower mind loves to interfere with guidance from the higher mind. Guided to the surface, your inner wisdom can be unlocked to reveal the cause of pain and life’s eternal challenges. Meditation – An Inner Vision Journey provides the framework to establish an uplifting meditation practice that can last a lifetime.

There was a time when those seeking to gain insight and access deeper levels of understanding needed to take a prolonged journey to physically remove themselves and escape from daily realities. No longer…

Meditation – An Inner Vision Journey , lead by Cherie Peterson comprises a series of 30 video classes and meditations distilled from proven concepts involving healing, meditation, mindfulness, conscious creation, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual perspectives. It’s based on Cherie’s extraordinary  Inner Vision Journey Guidebook (available now through TheBookPatch.com). It provides a not to be missed life changing opportunity for people at any stage of personal development or spiritual quest.

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Here’s what others are saying:

I’m appreciating much deeper experiential insight since I began with this work. I came to an understanding that my most challenging relationships, which have been so hard to let go of, are here for a reason. I now have more acceptance for all things; more gratitude and love for others.  Overall, I’m experiencing a deeper peace and trust as I continue on my path.”  JD

I urge you to join Cherie on a healing journey of a lifetime. Working on inner realms of consciousness and having success quieting the mind, have proven to me the power of inner guidance”. MT

From doing the exercises in the each of the seven steps, a calming acceptance emerges of both myself and the world around me. A connection has been made with a part of me that until now I was unable to access. No stranger to the concept of inner dialogues, engaging with this work has taken me quantum steps towards new levels of clarity in my search for answers. HRI

What this course is all about!

Medtation – An Inner Vision Journey includes 23 video lessons with 7 audio/video meditations based on the extraordinary training found in the Inner Vision Journey Guidebook and other transformational materials.

You will be taught to understand and practice the essentials of Meditation and guided past seven essential Gateposts that will empower you to live each day with excitement and joy.

Through a series of Exercises and Teachings you will learn to identify and establish various Markers that will serve to guide your life, enhance creativity, bring increased energy and allow an expanded awareness that will excite and delight the senses!

As the mind stills and insight grows, life opens to infinite possibilities, allowing the you to access to dimensional shifts. A place where health improves, relationships grow and stabilize, abundance flows and there is a renewed sense of ownership of the life lived.

How is this meditation course different and unique from others offered?

The material distills key lessons from Ageless Wisdom concepts that weave Eastern and Western traditions into an eclectic matrix of mindful awareness. Originating from as far back as the ancient Vedic texts, the Upanishads, Sanskrit scrolls, and Tibetan Masters, these presentations bring High Wisdom down into usable, understandable concepts for the average student wanting to be more aware, awake and mindful in everyday life.

Students are encouraged to move along at their own pace as they embrace and put into practice the training they receive. The material incorporates a series of images, chosen to imprint the process through that part of the mind that holds memories and key aspects of the course. This Whole Mind Approach serves to allow practitioners another way retain the concepts throughout life.

This class is designed for an audience that values and looks to discover the lessons that can be learned from deep spiritual reflection and growth. It provides students with a soulful approach, stretching the practitioner into new dimensions of possibilities by integrating proven techniques offering individual empowerment while encouraging group consciousness to grow.

Who should take this course?

People interested in training the mind to find their true purpose, discover answers to questions about life that elude them, look to being more creative, aware and insightful. This class is for both practiced meditators who want a more consistent practice as well as for non-meditators who want to learn the benefits of mindfull meditation.

What You Will Learn:

  • Be More Aware of themselves and the world around them
  • Know Themselves in a deeper way
  • Focus on Qualities they want to develop in themselves
  • Develop Concentration Skills
  • Contemplate for extended periods of time
  • Meditate
  • Live in Synthesis, aligned with all world servers

What You will get out of the Course:

Students will receive many gifts from taking this course, including an expanded awareness of themselves and the world around them.

Learning to be Present in each moment of the day brings huge rewards, including new understandings of how we function, how others relate and react under various circumstances, why some people are content while others are miserable, how to get control of the mind to create a life that is fulfilling, joyful and purposeful.

There are many benefits from releasing resistance in life, including better health, greater communication skills, more fulfilling relationships, greater purpose, self-empowerment, empowering others, self-love, contentment, compassion and so much more.

Meditation – An Inner Vision Journey is designed to: Empower, EnLighten and Engage students and can result in: Expanded perceptions and life views, Enhanced abilities, Engaged livingness. Along your journey you are enabled to grow insights leading to a more refined vibration and accelerated telepathic abilities where inexplicable KINDNESS AND COMPASSION may result!

Are You Ready to: Achieve greater AWARENESS, Be more MINDFUL and know how to be more PRESENT IN THE MOMENT


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Meditation Guide for all levels of practitioners

Inner Vision Journey Guidebook