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What are you focusing on? 
  • eye on the worldSuccess or Failures?
  • Joyful Events or Sad Events?
  • The Good in others or the Evil in others?
  • Your Best qualities or your Worst qualities?


How do you think that affects you?

By changing our focus we can take control of our lives. When we become conscious of our behavior we can transform old ways of thinking into new habits.

Using techniques developed along your Inner Vision Journey you will reach a place where you can become the observer.

Try this…

  • In the stillness of body and mind begin to Notice. JUST NOTICE.
  • Allow what IS to come through without judgment.
  • If there is judgment, just notice it!

Issues get resolved in the noticing.

When we are able to come from a place of silent observation, when the little self feels content and doesn’t need attention, integrated physical, emotional and metal aspects of self allow space for accepting new realities. It is here that great realities can be gleaned.

The Power of Observation

Observing a behavior changes it. It’s not a pretty sight. We begin to recognize that change (OH NO!! Not the Change Word) is necessary. As we know ourselves to be more than that sticky, complacent little personality, we stretch into a more expanded way of being.

To evolve we must pay attention and listen. Change involves getting out of our own way. We must clear out the old for something greater.

We unravel our self to find the fullness of who we are.

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