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Practice Keeping the Mind Focussed and Clear

The Crystal Healing room on the Arcturian Starship Athena docked near Jupiter provides a training space for beings from throughout the Galaxy. It is where we go to learn healing with crystal energy through concentrated, focussed mind waves. If this sounds too outrageous, consider it as a visualization that you create with your mind’s eye.

Practicing holding the mind ‘steady in the light’ is an excellent way of preparing for working in these healing rooms. If you cannot keep your mind present on one visualization, meditation, thought form or intention, you are not ready to work in the healing spaces.

Practice, practice practice. Most cannot hold their attention for more than a few seconds on any one thing. It is why your species has been encouraged to practice meditation. You have lived with so many distractions, actually trained by controlling forces to be constantly distracted in order to keep you from developing the true power of Mind, that you do not even realize how quickly and consistently you lose your focus.

Doing daily things like remembering the score in Pickleball, Golf or Tennis or remembering what you came into a store to buy are ways to practice mental focus as well. Do NOT just write forgetfulness off to being forgetful or growing older. That is a huge mistake for all ages. Always work to develop the skill of mental focus.

With this skill you will be able to move forward with your training in the Crystal Healing Rooms on Athena, just as you have intended to do.

That is all for today. This is short but extremely important. One baby step at a time. This mental focus should not be a problem for those of you who have been practicing meditation. Live the concept. Do it all day long. Believe you are capable of it and do not give up!

P.S. the purging of heavy, toxic metals with the Chinese Foot Bath is an excellent way to clear your body of toxicity which will lead to clear perception and greater mental focus. Use all methods of removing heavy metals available to you. There is an onslaught of toxicity with the chem trails, the food you eat and the air you breath. Even the less than positive thoughtforms streaming through the Earth at this time will have a toxic effect. Keep your focus HIGH at all times and remember to guard against shadow or dark forces. They will come in if given a tiny bit of space to do so. Kind, generous, loving thoughts and actions keep them at bay.

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