Inner Vision Journey Practitioners Guide

As a Healing Arts Practitioner you have a profound influence on your clients.  Dedicated to helping others, you may eventually decide to include your clients in their own healing process.  Supporting others on their path to experience an inner knowing and an ability to tap into untold resources, may become part of your work.

A greater conscious awareness has risen in the general population. The world we live in, the population you serve and the energies you encounter in everyday life and as a practitioner are like no other time in recent memory. All the things you’ve read, heard and studied about rising consciousness, planetary shift, a new earth, the end of a cycle and the dawn of a new age are upon us.

When we stop and listen,            Practitioner meditator

in that moment of stillness, we can feel our connections to a greater whole.

It becomes undeniable.

Healing others by being a conduit of energy  a powerful service. Training them to reach into that energy source is the next step in empowering clients to practice self-healing.The shift is upon us and the role you play has even greater significance. More people are seeing the benefits of what you offer and increasing numbers of people are opening to experiencing the services you provide. Everyday more and more of humanity are searching for answers and guidance as they set foot on the path.

Inner Vision Journey is a portal through which practitioners can practice sharing their gifts with family, friends and clients.

We offer the distilled knowledge and methodology of visualization and meditation techniques along with a dialogue allowing you to direct your clients to a place where they become more receptive and attuned to the service you offer.

Take the next step along the path. Practitioners in the healing arts become increasingly more attuned to energies as they practice their profession. Learn to gently ease clients to be more involved in their own healing practice so that when they go home they can participate in the continuation of their healing process.

Find your own renewed energy, strength and power through the simple exercises provided. If you are ready to take your abilities to the next level, join us in the Inner Vision Journey work.

Welcome to Inner Vision Journey

Visit the Inner Vision Journey Practitioners Guide heading for additional thoughts, tools and materials to help you in your practice and move your clients on the path to wellness. (Coming Soon!)

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