INNER VISION JOURNEY – Practitioners Guide


Developing Insight and Greater Awareness of Your Gifts

As a practitioner on an Inner Vision Journey, you will reach levels of consciousness that challenge you to go further. Here is a tool to help raise your consciousness to embrace your sensitivity.

Do you consider yourself to be one or more of the following?

Intuitive – Empath – Psychic – Sensitive – Compassionate Being – Healer

Let’s find out.

The Intuitive

The Intuitive dwells on higher mental planes. In the study of Ageless Wisdom we read of Buddhic Plane dwellers on the Plane of Pure Soul or Pure Consciousness. The philosopher Sri Aurobindo calls this level the super-mind.

Theosophists, including H.P. Blavatsky, Rosicrucians, Alice Bailey say the True Intuitive works as Soul, Superconscious or the Higher Mind.

The Empath

Those who work with Emotional or  Physical planes with humans or animals can be described as Empaths. This is often a term used for highly sensitive types who may or may not use their abilities professionally. They can be healers, psychologists or work in fields that require good communication skills.

The Empath feels what others are feeling and must interact with caution They must guard themselves from harm and allow the intense feelings they receive to move on through them. It is important that they not to take on or bring in other people’s physical pain, emotional upset, mental distress or spiritual crisis. Training is important so Empaths learn to allow the feelings to pass around or right through them, without experiencing too into their body symptoms that can actually hurt them.

In order to be in the world and have an actual practice where they help others, Empaths often learn a variety of ways to shield themselves from taking into themselves too much of what they are feeling. In fact many people do not engage in healing work since they feel they cannot avoid bringing to them what others are experiencing. Lessons offered through Inner Vision Journey’s can help. There are some who say that no shielding of energy fields are necessary and that healing work involves becoming One or United with the other person’s energy. This, for most, is an excellent goal, according to Richard Bartlett, D.C., N.D.

The Psychic

Psychics work on the Astral Planes, with and through the feeling nature. They are often good at hearing what members of animal world are saying or feeling, and the pick up the feelings or thoughts of other human beings.

The Psychic has the responsibility to exercise caution when working with survivors of severe trauma or complex life issues or people dealing with mental illness. They are challenged to guard against the sheering of ‘nadis’ and issues involving premature rising of Kundalini.* (see note below)

The Sensitive

Sensitives are a broader term for people who tune into energies, be it human, animal, plant, mineral or other-realm. Some know exactly what they are tuning into and others are only beginning to know what it is that they are feeling and knowing. Most types of healers might be called sensitives, and of course there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people in the world who experience varying degrees of sensitivity to the world around them.

The Compassionate Being

Traditionally in the East, a Boddhisattva is the name given to a Wise or Compassionate Being. They have attained a certain degree of Spiritual Advancement where they do not have to return to the Earth to part of the incarnational cycle. They may, however, return to help teach and to increase the vibrational frequency of the planet if they have dedicated themselves to Earth service. These exaulted ones come from every Religious persuasion and every corner of the planet.

The Healer

The types of healers around the planet are too numerous to list. They may work in any of the Planes, including the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.

Most healers say that their work comes through them and may or may not use the word “channeled.” They work in the various fields according to their inclinations, Ray Structure, Astrology or Point on the Path.

Many people who do healing work remember it from past lives or off-planet work when they did similar work. Some remember nothing and can’t describe what they do, but are none-the-less effective in their work.

Healers may describe their work as mental, heart-centered, soul-centered or simply unknown. When working with the mind, normally the heart must also be engaged, so they may call what they do “Heart/Mind” work. If true healing is to last, it must come from Love, never from negative emotions. Grey and black magic is sometimes used in healing, but this can come back onto the practitioner in harmful ways (physical problems, disorientation, mental issues, depression, etc.) and is not recommended.

Intuitive – Empath – Psychic – Sensitive – Compassionate Being – Healer

Do you resonate with one or more of these kinds of people? Read through them again and reflect on which one(s) you resonate with.

As you continue on your Inner Vision Journey you will be challenged in your understanding of who you are and what you can be.


Kundalini right*  Note – If a person has had a severe trauma in his or her life or even in a past life that has not been worked through, the ‘nadis’ or etheric doubles of nerves can be sheered or even severed, creating a hole in the etheric field. This in turn can  invite an openness or even unwanted  perception of what others are feeling and thinking. While this is often perceived as an advanced soul, it may be nothing other than a premature ripening of the senses which can result in imbalances that eventually can cause mental illness.

The severing or sheering of the nadies can result from a premature rising of Kundalini, from a yogic practice, a breathing practice or the same kind of trauma mentioned above.

The fire at the base of the spine called Kundalini, can literally cause death. It can be seriously dangerous to practice without a well-trained professional teacher . Even then, extreme caution is to be used. It is not something that hastens spiritual advancement, as some teachers will profess. It is something that is to naturally rise with evolution or an expanding consciousness. It will rise in its own time.