Inner Vision Journey Practitioner Workbook

Bodyworkers across the country have experienced the benefits of using the materials, tools and the knowledge gained from the Inner Vision Journey Guidebook to assist in reaching from within to nurture, increase and facilitate the healing vibrations between themselves and their clients.

You have dedicated yourself to the benefit of others. The Inner Vision Journey Practitioner Guide provides a series of workbooks with trainings and exercises to help you. Here’s a free workbook to start you and your clients on a greater path to wellness with a great way to integrate clients into your healing session.

Practitioner Workbook – Preparing Your Clients for their Session

1. Begin to set the tone of the session when they come in the treatment room

  • Ask them what they would most like to release today.
  • Let them know that they will be experiencing somewhat of an altered state as they prepare to relax and get comfortable.
  • Tell them they will be safe and protected throughout the time together.
  • Ask them if they have an anxiety over coming into this session.
  • Assure them that during the treatment they will feel relaxed and comfortable as they begin to leave the stresses and responsibilities of the day behind them.
  • Ask your client to be a part of the work by being Present, by taking long, slow breaths throughout the work, particularly when they are working through any pain or discomfort.
  • Ask your client to be a part of the work by being Present, by taking long, slow breaths throughout the work.


2. Once on the table continue to reassure the client of their power to heal  


  • Most people in this world need encouragement to feel OK about themselves.
  • Some of the most arrogant and seemingly self-assured people are the most insecure and scared. So often people never hear how well they are doing in life, how magnificent they are or how their Essential Core Being is Light and Love



  • When receiving healing work, some people just want to be completely silent and receive. They certainly don’t want to engage in chatter if it’s all about the therapist.
  • Check in with your client to see what their preferences are. For some, talking can be the most important part of the therapy, depending on if they need someone to listen to them or if they are needing to release thoughts and feeling verbally.
  • Remember they are not there to hear your stories. Make this about them!


Maintaining a Meditative State

  • Using your breath when necessary, stay as much as possible out of the lower, concrete mind and lift into the higher superconscious place of Higher Mind.
  • Being in a place of quiet and receptivity for periods of time throughout the treatment allow you to access that “Still Point’ where all healing can be accessed. There may be some days and some moments where this is automatic, and there may be some times when it seems impossible.
  • If you find it difficult to achieve this quiet mind space, consider spending more time training the mind to focus in a place no mind. (InnerVisionJourney Guidebook presents exercises for this).



  • Being in that Still Point, no-mind place allows for much greater results than trying to do this or that. There is no trying in real healing. There is getting out of the way so greater forces than you can come through.
  • Most Healing Arts Professionals already know this and do this, but there are quite a few who this has never occurred to or who have never been trained to be one with the process.
  • Newly trained therapists most likely will need to focus more on the procedures they are using to be sure their hand are in correct positions and their posture is correct. Once a practitioner has been doing the work for awhile, the actual ‘doing’ becomes automatic and it’s time to focus on the ‘not doing!’


3. Taking the client into the still point place

Combining Energies

  • Once all the above becomes natural and automatic, it’s time for the client to learn to enjoy this altered state as well.
  • When both the practitioner and the client can match vibrational frequencies, much greater work can be accomplished.
  • Many body workers will need to protect themselves with ceremony, sacred geometry, mantras or affirmation. Others do not seem to ever take in another person’s energies, unless they are taking the issues and learning themselves how to Be in that state or in that dis-ease, so they too can learn from it.

From time to time we cannot help but take on some of our client’s issues. The Inner Vision Journey Guidebook and other materials from can facilitate your development and learn how to release anything you take in that is not for your highest good and the highest good of all.

As you continue on your journey we invite you to revisit this site often for new additions to our Practitioners Guide that will help you harness the necessary energy and power to be of service in your practice.