Recommended Authors:


Alice Bailey

Begin with “Initiation Human and Solar,” “Ponder on This”, “Telepathy” ,

“Death, the Great Adventure” or “Esoteric Healing”


BerniceHill_Emergence_pcard-frontBernice H. Hill

Emergence of the Cosmic Psyche”

{see details about this book below}


 Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Exploring the Fifth Dimension” or “Time Travelers I Have Met”


David Wilcock

 “The Source Field Investigationsand “The Synchronicity Key” ________________________________________________________


Dolores Cannon e25a21fa1b0532ede4e96f83cb611290

Begin with “Convoluted Universe Book One” or “Keepers of The Garden”

  “The Three Waves of Volunteers and THE NEW EARTH”

   “Legacy from the Stars” and all her books



All Books

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  Lesley Carmack and Ruth Eicher

“Radiant Awakening” 


Michael Brook  COVER-New

The New Dimension synthesizes science and spirituality and finds the commonality in both approaches to Truth. It explores conditions of health in the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, economic and environmental arenas of our life.

The New Dimension explores how to use natural laws to further the process of personal and spiritual growth leading to high level wellness, optimal health and high performance living.

Learn how simple, yet little known, causes of low energy and disease at the cellular level, and what can be done to support true healing.


 Michael Newton

“Destiny of Souls”

“Memories of the Afterlife”

“Life Between Lives”


Nassim Harramein

   All his books and films (showing through physics the new sciences)


 Richard Bartlett

“Matrix Energetics”


f18ba2d4e7de3677dc638b7593717b95 Richard Rudd

“The Gene Keys”


Sheila Gillette


­ ________________________________________________________

The Ra Material

“The Law of One”  All Books


Zecharia Sitchin

“The Lost Realms” Entire series\


Highly Recommended: for interesting films, interviews, documentaries and exposes.


 Bernice Hill

Emergence of the Cosmic Psyche: UFOs/ETs from the Perspective of Depth PsychologyBerniceHill_Emergence_pcard-front

Bernice Hill describes, in her recently published book, how she was drawn to explore the mysteries of UFOs and extraterrestrial visitation. The uninvited “allure” of this strange field was originally stirred by the dreams, and stories of her clients.

The consistent message she heard was of ETs concern for our Earth which paralleled her own deep worry gained earlier when she worked in the Canadian Department of Defense studying the damaging effects of atomic radiation on living cells.

A series of synchronicities deepened her adventure when she met, at a UFO gathering, a shaman sent out by the Maori grandmothers of New Zealand. He spoke of their ancient Prophecy, which stated we have now entered the time of “the great Purification.”   Bernice felt “called” to take circles of women on pilgrimage to Peru, New Zealand, and Egypt to honor the grandmothers awareness of ET contact and the universal messages that have given. Bernice uses the psychological framework of Dr. Carl Jung to explore and assess the mounting information from whistleblowers and direct contact witnesses of the UFO/ET mystery. Her book provides a wealth of research data for those wishing to pursue specific avenues of the UFO/ET phenomenon. As we become aware of the millions of planets within and beyond our galaxy, the inevitable likelihood of other sentient beings begins to dawn apon us. We are on an amazing threshold.

Author: Bernice H. Hill, Ph.D., is a Jungian Analyst in private practice for over thirty years in Boulder Colorado. She is a senior training analyst with the C. G. Jung Institute of Colorado and a member of the International Association for Analytic Psychology.

Book available through   Amazon. Com   ( 215 pp.) for $11.99 and Kindle $3.99