PURE NOTE Singing Bowls avaialble for additional $45.00


Product Description

Our Frosted Journey Bowls and Frosted Colored Vision Bowls are available Chakra Tuned to tonal ranges in the keys of C, D, E, F, G, A, and B that correspond to the seven major Chakras.

See the chart below

If you desire a PURE NOTE Chakra Tuned Vision Bowl add $45.00 to each bowl ordered.

Call Ron at 303-957-7369  to specify pure note tone and color of each.


Our Singing Bowls are Chakra Tuned.  If you desire a PURE NOTE Singing Bowl The are available at an additional chage of $45.00 each .

Add $45.00 for each Pure Note Frosted Vision Bowl  #PNVB > $45.


Chakra image color guide

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