Preparing for Death – Conscious Living, Healing and Dying


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Conscious Living, Healing and Dying

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Since death is inevitable and each of us will die, this E-Book has been designed to help us prepare for that moment. The topic of conscious dying is gaining in interest and those who have experienced a loved one’s passing, cannot help but consider their own. …

As a culture, we prepare ourselves for a healthy life by eating nutritious foods, exercising and being mindful of thoughts words and deeds. We can likewise prepare wisely for death by examining attitudes of fear and anger which have traditionally accompanied the dying process. Transformation of old thought forms can come through a greater understanding of what lies ahead. We must begin now to examine ways to more smoothly move through the transition at death into another reality.

Volumes of material have been written about angels, Judgment Day, the Bardo of the Between states, after death experiences and how to contend with the death of a loved one or friend. Very little has been written in the West or translated from Eastern texts and traditions about making the after-death transition until recently….

 The prayers, meditations and affirmations in this booklet are designed to be used by people who wish to prepare for their own death as well as those readers who want to assist others in their transitional period. …

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