As a general reference to various terms and concepts put forth through Inner Vision Journey, we offer this abbreviated reference dictionary of generally accepted definitions. 

JournalYour journey will take you through new realms of discovery and open doors to further study. As you follow the steps in your Inner Vision Journey Guidebook you are encouraged to reflect on thoughts and experiences. When reading the following definitions, think about your reactions and how they fit within your own beliefs. Note your responses in your journal and revisit them after passing through Gatepost VII.

The majority of definitions are taken directly or in part from “ The New Dictionary of Spiritual Thought” by Carol E Parrish-Harra Sparrow Hawk Press 2002. We encourage you to purchase a copy of this definitive guide to over 3,000 esoteric and spiritual concepts.

Akashic Records -The chronicle of events mentally and emotionally imprinted upon the reflective ETHERS of the Earth to which every being contributes; individual and group memory of all planetary life. The etheric level records and reflects a living chronicle of life, the story of the planetary being, and all life upon the planet.

Ancient Wisdom Teachings – A body of knowledge preserved traditionally for those deemed ready, revealed to those who can penetrate to the inner temples or teachers and share these truths to help others understand the laws of life and how to live in harmony with high principles.

Aspirant – One who consciously seeks acceptance to the spiritual path

Awakening – Secondary influence of human nature that stirs and becomes conscious of a path to higher consciousness (the primary influence being survival). A capacity for fresh insights and intellectual awareness; a state of liberation from conventional thought and openness to a new perspective enters the consciousness.

Bardo – The after-life reality though which we travel as we process our life review, confronting emotional situations and unfinished business to see if we have sufficiently satisfied seeds of KARMA to be freed from their influence.

Being – Allowing awareness and consciousness of the true self to take form though the uniqueness of the moment and personality. Centered in the here and now, the true being just is. 

Channeling – A technique in which a personal brings though information or influence from one dimension to another when in a particular state in which consciousness flows from level to level.

Clairvoyance – Clear-seeing; the facility of the spiritual eye that can see psychically, without limitations of matter, time, and space. Extrasensory sight that provides an awareness of physical objects or events.

Desire Body – This name applied to the human astral form acknowledges its strong emotional or feeling nature.

Development, Personal or Spiritual – Sensitive evolution begins when an individual becomes willing to be impressed by unfolding psychic senses or a contact with one in spirit, to “hear” a bit differently, to improvise.

Dharma – The way of high character, duty or purpose; our mission in life; a reason for being; service to the plan, to God, to Planetary Logos. Used to denote the positive forces we have earned to help us meet well the experience of life; …

Elementals – These essences – earth, air, fire and water – guided by minute points of consciousness that indwell the elements are known as Nature Spirits.

Emotional Body – The Vehicle, or reflective nature, called “ astral” …wherein reside unresolved emotions and currents of force awaiting expression.

Enlightenment – Supreme discrimination; a state of mind filled with spiritual wisdom.

Entity- A discarnate, or spirit being without a physical body, that can be seen or recognized by some, undetectable by others, that continues to live in dimensions other than physical incarnations with some overlap between planes –physical and nonphysical.

Envisioning – A technique for consciously bringing into focus the part of the plan or effort we perceive as our own.

Esoteric – The Greek root eso means “ within”. That which is hidden, unseen, secret, inner, or out-of-site-the meaning behind the meaning.

Etheric Body – The true substantial form. The framework, the “ scaffolding” to which the physical body necessarily conforms.

Expanded Awareness – A state of consciousness in which we sense more than what is readily recognizable through the physical senses or is grasped by the rational mind.

Expansion of Consciousness – A progression of awareness from on level to another as our recognition of personal and planetary purpose increases.

Healer, Spiritual – One who uses either the art of science of techniques of energy transference designed to recharge or balance the energy system of the etheric body on order to facilitate health and healing.

Healing Energy – A beneficial psychic force or energy transmitted from one to another with the intent of assisting and supporting the receiver in life experiences. Knowing or awareness existing at a level of mind or consciousness beyond mental reasoning or normal intellectual comprehension.

Intuitives – Those who are sensitive to higher reality and can receive information from areas beyond the personality’s dimension.

Path, Spiritual – “ The Way” of direct experience and learning by which one progresses through life lessons. Each experience builds part of the Creative Thread, thus no two individuals’ paths are the same.

Psychic Development – The enhancing of natural abilities of perception and extended sense awareness through practice and opening the mind to new understanding.

Quest – The search for spiritual realizations to answer the great questions personality naturally asks in its efforts to align itself to the energy of the SOUL.

Quiet – A spiritual discipline of SILENCE for the purpose of increased awareness of the inner nature. As one becomes accustomed to inner serenity, the chatter of mind gradually abates and connection with the silent sound – the word or flow of soul – is realized.

Realization – A profound mystical or dramatic experience of insight (realism). New Awareness or perception dawns upon the mind as a deeper sense of knowing, a comprehension to be savored. Its importance is illustrated by the fact tat some systems give full attention to it as a path to illumination that begins with mindfulness and precedes though insight and wisdom.

Reflection – Pondering or discerning the meaning of words or ideas by revisiting them, not just accepting immediate impressions, and understanding that higher awareness is mirrored in the lower plane as well.

Sensitives – Those who have an ability-natural or developed – to perceive with extended or astral senses, to receive impressions and information not generally accessible to others. Consciousness of the reality beyond the physical through the astral, or feeling, nature, such people may be more acutely aware of thoughts and feeling of others and of occurrences in distant places.

Simplicity – Increased clarity, diminished distortion or illusion, realizing a state wherein uncomplicated understanding results because more integration of Self has occurred.

Soulmates – Two our more personalities/souls of such close vibrational frequency they assist each other in realizing desired growth pursued by either or both during incarnation.

Spiritual – Having to do with the evolving soul. Distinguished from “religious” dogma and doctrine by following the prompts and personal teachings of the spirit within self.

Synthesis – The dovetailing of diverse actions and manifestations of life to create an evolution of awareness.

Third Eye – The instrument of true spiritual vision and insight to be developed in etheric matter.

Transformation – A personality change aligning to a pattern appropriate to spiritual life which so sensitizes the recipient that incoming spiritual forces have significantly increased impact.

Vibration – All is in movement-

Vision – An experience of higher reality, usually while in an altered state that inspires or conveys direction, response, or action.

Visualization – Creating in the mind’s eye a picture, symbol, or design –

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