The Inner Vision Journey Meditation Guidebook guides you through a step-by-step process of concentration leading to mindful meditation to enhance your connection with your superconscious. It’s a powerful practice that can take you deep. To a place where you can: 

Expand Creativity

 Achieve Better Health

Release Stress and Bring Peacefulness

Increase Telepathic, Psychic and Intuitive Abilities

E-book cover IVJ CB tumbTake the plunge into a commitment that will change your life and lead you to do the work that you know is so important to you, to all of humanity and to the Mother herself. The Earth needs your attention. We all need your attention. What will it take for you to step up to this call?

This is an opportunity to move through a wealth of materials to establish a practice with simple exercises that will assist you in your Meditation Practice to become more committed, more consistent, more concerned and more connected to what you seek.

As you find yourself joyfully able to focus with greater clarity, still the mind and be in a place of deep, sacred stillness. The emotional and physical body will follow and your life will change.

The Inner Vision Journey Meditation Guidebook offers you a system of gateposts, markers, exercises and  trainings to enhance your experiences along the Path. It’s a system to lead and shift you into a new way of thinking, feeling and Being. It will enable your expanded consciousness to shine from the inside out. It will take you to a more Lighted place. All you want and need will begin to magnetize magically to you. You will attract all that you have previously longed for and find false desires will fade away. You will become that which you only dreamed about.

  • Are you ready to change your life?
  • Can you imagine attracting more Joy, more Love and Compassion into your life?


Here’s what others are saying about their Inner Vision Journey:

I’m appreciating much deeper experiential insight since I began with this work. I came to an understanding that my most challenging relationships, which have been so hard to let go of, are here for a reason. I now have more acceptance for all things; more gratitude and love for others.  Overall, I’m experiencing a deeper peace and trust as I continue on my path.”  JD

I urge you to join Cherie on a healing journey of a lifetime. Working on inner realms of consciousness and having success quieting the mind, have proven to me the power of inner guidance”MT

From doing the exercises in the each of the seven steps, a calming acceptance emerges of both myself and the world around me. A connection has been made with a part of me that until now I was unable to access. No stranger to the concept of inner dialogues, engaging with this work has taken me quantum steps towards new levels of clarity in my search for answers. HRI

It’s time to embark on your Inner Vision Journey.  A life-altering practice awaits to help you do the work you know you were meant to do.