The Inner Vision Journey Guidebook has been published in E-Book format and is available as a PDF through our Journey Store.E-book cover IVJ CB tumb

For a limited time, the Inner Vision Journey Guidebook is available as an E-Book that can be purchased through our Journey Store for only 

$ 9.95 .  CLICK HERE          

Your Inner Vision Journey Guidebook is a powerful tool for those who have set foot on the path. It serves as an important guide to Meditation, enhancing sensitivity, improving psychic abilities and enabling you to become more aware and awake to the world. It will change the way you’ve been engaging in Life.

This comprehensive 45 page E-Book is available as a PDF download through our Journey Store. Contact us to preview selections from this important Guidebook and begin to establish a new vibrational frequency that will take you to the answers you seek. Are you ready to begin a process that can change your life?


The Inner Vision Journey Guidebook guides you through a step by step process of concentration leading to mindful meditation to enhance your connection with your superconscious. It’s a powerful practice that can take you deep. To a place where you can: 

Expand Creativity

 Achieve Better Health

Release Stress and Bring Peacefulness

Increase Telepathic, Psychic and Intuitive Abilities

E-book cover IVJ CB tumbTake the plunge into a commitment that will change your life and lead you to do the work that you know is so important to you, to all of humanity and to the Mother herself. The Earth needs your attention. We all need your attention. What will it take for you to step up to this call?

This is an opportunity to move through a wealth of materials to establish a practice with simple exercises that will assist you in your Meditation Practice to become more committed, more consistent, more concerned and more connected to what you seek.

As you find yourself joyfully able to focus with greater clarity, still the mind and be in a place of deep, sacred stillness. The emotional and physical body will follow and your life will change.

The Inner Vision Journey Guidebook offers you a system of gateposts, markers, exercises and  trainings to enhance your experiences along the Path. It’s a system to lead and shift you into a new way of thinking, feeling and Being. It will enable your expanded consciousness to shine from the inside out. It will take you to a more Lighted place. All you want and need will begin to magnetize magically to you. You will attract all that you have previously longed for and find false desires will fade away.

As you begin to envision a new existance you will expand your ability as a creative force doing good in the world. This is your time to shine! This is your time to empower yourself to fulfill your destiny. 

Lady at door - smallAs you begin to shift into new patterns and thought systems, moving into expanded views of yourself and the world, your cells will be re-programmed.

You will come alive with  visions of a brighter NOW, living more in the Present Moment, letting go of all that no longer serves you.


Are you willing to move out of your present state of mind and into a whole new arena of living? Can you imagine attracting more Joy, more Love and Compassion into your life?

You have put into motion a process to line up body and mind to access and do the work of your Core Essential Being, called by some ‘Soul’. 

It’s time to embark on your Inner Vision Journey.  A life-altering practice awaits to help you do the work you know you were meant to do. 

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