Your Guide to Developing Intuition


E-Book Sell imageInner Vision Journey offers a comprehensive series of special E-Books, exercises and processes that will serve to prepare, bring into alignment and begin to establish a new vibrational frequency to your life.

Your Guidebook will take you past a series of Guideposts to reach various Markers along the path. Within you will discover a personal practice that can improve psychic abilities and enhance sensitivity to become increasingly more aware and awake to phenomenon that is right at your fingertips with the ears to hear, the eyes to see and the mind to understand.


Embark on this Journey into realms where quantum leaps of perception happen, awareness explodes and basic frameworks of life begin to shift and change as though through magic. The embarkation upon the path of Inner Vision gives endless new choices, empowering the trekker to imagine life in a whole way.

As we learn to Meditate in new ways, we develop intuition, telepathy and can become more psychic, We find we become more energetic, sleep better, have a more quiet mind and improve our memory. Overall, we are healthier, and have more fulfilling lives.

meditator circle square tumbIf you chose to take this Journey, the trek will inevitably call forth inner strength to persist and continue on the path. The exploration proceeds at your pace, on your watch, and for your individual benefit.

Once you practice exercises along the way and time is spent in reflection while pausing in the clearing spaces provided, there is a requirement to stop and notice what is shifting inside you. A new you will consistently emerge from within you. Taking time to notice the expansions of thinking and Being are important in this process.

When you are ready, a Gatepost will appear to venture through. You have ample time to saunter along your path taking in sounds, sights, smells and other sensory experiences that you may have missed before beginning this Inner Vision Journey. This is why a map of the territory could prove to be detrimental. It would be our map, not yours. You are encouraged to chart your own course, take responsibility for moving along at your own pace and experiencing all that is exactly right and true for you in any given moment.

The only expectations of outcomes during and after this journey come from you. You are the explorer, the brave trekker on your path which can take you down slippery cliffs of fear, around difficult mountain passes with self-doubt lurking around each turn of the path, through heart-rending waves of emotion and possibly into anxious moments where you just want to get out of the boat and swim to shore.

The challenges on the path can be met with steadfast determination to outsmart any blocks along the way. Problems have solutions. Rocks in the road can be moved or blasted away. Stubborn old ways of operating in the world can be overcome if the desire to change is great enough.

Knowing why you wish to embark on this course is of utmost importance. Consider for a moment just what your ‘Why’ might be.

  •   Are you feeling stuck in the same old patterns that are no longer working for you?
  •   Do you have dreams and aspirations to accomplish more in your life?
  •   Are there obstacles in your way that seem insurmountable?
  •   Do you long deep inside yourself for something different?
  •   Have your sensitivities grown to where you are becoming more empathic?
  •   Do you believe you have psychic abilities and wish to grow this gift?
  •   Is your intuition accurate, expanding or just not as strong as you would like?


There are a myriad of reasons to embark on this Inner Vision Journey.

Most people who do this work want to establish a meditation practice that will be consistent, powerful and meaningful. Meditating on a daily basis could be the most important thing that you do in this lifetime.

That is for you to decide. It doesn’t matter if your motives are altruistic or completely about developing your own self. Either way, as a more powerful, effective force in the world, you will be of service to countless others. Even though through the ages Clerics, Priests, Rabbis, Monks, Native Americans and Muslims have debated this point for centuries, ultimately helping others will help ourselves and helping ourselves will help others. Following the practices of Vajrayana, Mahayana or Theravada Buddhism the path takes us to Enlightenment or at least to ever-evolving ‘Perfection.’

This work is for every persuasion, every religious sect and every philosophy that believes we are here to better ourselves to be more Loving, Joyful and Serving.

Holding firmly to a doctrine that is exclusive causes much of the turmoil and suffering in the world today and throughout history. It’s time to work together in Unity as human beings evolving into a new philosophy of Oneness. Together we can move out of the old paradigms and into a more unified whole.

Let’s start now. Consider stepping on this path to actually do the work leading to:

  • Expanded Perception
  • More purposeful Living
  • Greater Awareness of Self and the World
  • Deeper abilities to Focus, Concentrate and Create
  • A Continually Evolving Life View


With Meditations, materials, trainings and E-Books offered on this Inner Vision Journey website, you will find the rhythm that works best for you. Sign up now to receive a wealth of  FREE materials and special offers to aid you on your Journey.

E-book  cover IVJ CB  tumbWe invite you to explore this portal, reflect on each topic, participate in the exercises under various headings and read our blog articles to expand and aid you on your journey.  When you are ready to move forward, obtain your personal copy of the Inner Vision Journey Guidebook …it will change your life.




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