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Consciousness grows with each thought, each word, each action. The wheel turns. The wheel turns without thought from us, without willing it to move, but with who we are, how we live and with our relationship to all things.

The wheel begins with an acknowledgement of polarities. This and that. You and me. Black and white. This planet, this universe is made up of these seemingly opposite things. We are taught that for each action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The wheel turns.

We learn to bring the opposites into complements. We see that you and me makes us, black and white makes gray, day and night make up a cycle of a 24 hour day, etc. Treading the noble middle path brings harmony and allows for understanding of how each part of the whole complements the other.

The wheel turns.

 The this and that begin to disappear. It’s not a void, it’s emptiness. Emptiness opens a space for more, for possibilities to be born or seen. The tantra of male or yang energy penetrates and goes forth. The female or receptive energy then softens to open and receive. …

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