INNER VISION JOURNEY – Ten Steps to Deep Integration

As you continue on your Inner Vision Journey you will access higher levels of consciousness and expand your abilities. Each step integrating with and allowing greater vibration in frequency that brings you in harmony with your higher self. 

The process, once begun will guide you through the following stages:

  1. Focus – Concentration – Disciplining the Mind to be Quiet
  2. Self-Consideration – Knowing the Self
  3. Freedom – From previously held beliefs and learned patterns of thinking, acting, talking and re-acting
  4. Seeing Your Purpose
  5. Setting Intention
  6. Designing a Plan for Achieving this Intention
  7. Contemplation – Going Deeply into visualization, trusting, affirming, trusting, knowing
  8. Merging with Guides and Teachers on Inner Planes
  9. Meditation
  10. Integrating / Synthesizing / Being /Knowing from the Plane of Intuition

staircase to clouds

Integration – Awareness – Conscious – Synthesis – Core Essential Self

– Soul to Monadic Presence

         Stay strong and true to your goals.

The Journey is worth it.