Invitation to take an Inner Vision Journey
As humanity steps into a dynamic new world
 of challenges, change and possibilities, there is a yearning, a need to know more about developing intuition to gain insight and knowledge. How long have we gone outside of ourselves for answers? It’s time to come home and work within a personal practice that can improve psychic abilities and enhance sensitivity to become increasingly more aware and awake to phenomenon that is right at our fingertips with the ears to hear, the eyes to see and the mind to understand.

For the past 33 years, Cherie Peterson, (CMT, MSE, QHHT) Director of the World Meditation Institute; Regression Therapist, Meditation Facilitator, Intuitive Touch Practitioner, Webinar Presenter and Metaphysics Educator, has opened thousands of clients to consider expanded perspectives in the Healing Arts.

Her books, Laya, Child of the Stars, Conscious Transition, Conscious Transition Contract, Conscious Creation, volumes I, II and III along with her classes have brought a new understanding of The Seven Rays, Sacred Dying, and Manifesting as Soul. Cherie’s webinars and classes on Meditation, Past Life, Between Life and Future Life Progression give a synthesis of foundational information to all who are exploring dimensional shifts, parallel universes, time travel, other terrestrial technology and telepathy.

Now, through Inner Vision Journey, Cherie and other nationally recognized leaders offer a select group of those seeking to move forward on the path, a Guidebook and markers to expand their awareness, enhance their lives and discover more about the purpose that drives them.

Along your Inner Vision Journey you will have access to:

The Inner Vision Journey Guidebook, Meditation Tools, Webinars, E-Books, Audios, Classes and Presentations including these and other topics.

  • Conscious Transition                                 
  • Conscious Creation
  • Meditation
  • The Chakras
  • Reincarnation and Karma
  • The Science of the Seven Rays
  • Changing Perspectives

The tools available through our Inner Vision Journey portal will propel the serious explorer into an expanded realm of self-discovery like none other.

Set foot on the Path. Sign on as a participant to receive:

  • Your Inner Vision Journey Guidebook
  • A special Step-by-step process to keep you moving forward
  • Consultation and guidance for your specific needs
  • Visualizations, Affirmations, Prayers and Meditation to enhance your life
  • E-Books and Meditations for deepening insight
  • Audio and Video downloads to listen to on a daily or weekly basis
  • A System to Practice Concentration, Contemplation leading to Meditation
  • Continual encouragement and tools to move forward in your practice
  • Access to:
    • Educational and Spiritual Retreats
    • A Community of Seekers with Similar Goals
    • One-on-One Consultations
    • On-line Group Guided Meditations
    • Special Seminars
    • Personal Regression Sessions
    • Special Tools for Ceremonial and Professional Use

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For a limited time, the Inner Vision Journey Meditation Guidebook is available as an E-Book that can be purchased through our Journey Store for only $ 9.95 .  CLICK HERE          






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